Great Dane Bear in Flowerbed
Great Dane ears flying
Great Dane Bear 7w5d
Bear 7wks 5days
Great Dane Bear sleeping
Great Dane Bear playing with Blaze
7weeks 5 days
7weeks 5days
I am getting bigger and bigger everyday.  I am stocky and just as cute as can be. 
Don't tell my brother and sister's but I am my lady master's very favorite.  I think she wants to keep me but I know she will find me the best of homes.
Great Dane with young Jon
8 weeks old
Great Dane Bear 7w5d
 I am Bear.  I just look like a cute teddy bear.  My pretty eyes will melt your heart.  I am a little smaller than my brothers but I hold my own.  I am the most cuddly pup ever.  I just like lovin on my masters.  I love to be held.  I definitely am not afraid of anything.  I will stand my ground and bark, but there isn't a mean bone in my body.  I will make an awesome addition to a loving family. I have just a small patch of white on my chest and a tiny bit on one back paw.  
Great dane Bear left side
Great Dane Bear rolling
Great Dane Bear front view
Great Dane Bear at Stance
Great Dane Bear running in grass
Playing in the high grass 7weeks 6days
5wks 6 days
4 Weels old
Great Dane Bear hunting in high grass
Great Dane Bear portrait
Great Dane Bear long legs
Great Dane Bear playing in yard