Great Dane Hotrod in yard
Great dane hotrod laying down
Great Dane hotrod sprawled out
Great Dane Hotrod in flower bed
Great Dane Hotrod ears flying
8 weeks
Great Dane Hotrod head pic
***  7 weeks 5 days and 7weeks 6 days old in these pics***
Great Dane Hotrod sitting pretty
Great Dane Hotrod sitting close up
Great Dane Hotrod running in yard
Great Danes Hotrod 7w4d
I love laying on the couch.  I can sit (sometimes) and I weigh about 17 lbs already.  My paws are huge and I am going to be a tall one.  Dad has pretty well adopted me. I could still go to a new family but they would really have to be special.  If anyone has a great idea for a permanent name (in case I never leave here) email the name to
Hotrod playing
with toy at 7weeks 4days old.
Great Dane playing with john deer toy
Hotrod @ 7weeks 4 days.  Look at my paws !!!
Great Danes Hotrod playing 1
Great Danes Hotrod playing 2
6 weeks 2 days
Hotrod 5w6d
Great Dane Hotrod playing with toy
Hotrod 4 wks
Great Dane Hotrod and pups playing
Hotrod playing 5wks 6days


 Hotrod is my name and exploring is my game.  I am the first to go into new territory.  Put me out in the grass and I'm off looking around.  Got to keep track of what is around me.  I am sweet and cuddly and full of energy.  I'm  one of the bigger ones in my family.  My colors are beautiful in a manly way of course.  My eyes are the prettiest blue.  If you come meet me watch out cause I will steal your heart.  I may have already stole my master's heart.  Not sure if he will let me go!
Great Dane Hotrod
Great Dane Hotrod front
Great Dane Hotrod in grass
3 weeks 5 days
2 weeks old
6 weeks